Residential House

Designing resedential building into the central area of Prague was very interesting project. The location cleared pointed out that appartments will be very luxorioous, especially the ones in top floors with view over the beautiful landscape of red roofs of Prague and therefore one of the requirements was to achieve maximum floor area possible. I was supposed to design 6 storey building with a footprint of 24 by 24 meters, but from west and east there were another bulidings, in total 12 buildings next to each other. Another requirement was to keep in mind the real demand for appartments, which on the other hand was in favor of small and cheap flats.

My final proposal exactly meets these requirements. In bottom floors I have small studios or one bedroom appartments and towards the top, there are bigger appartments, two or three bedrooms appartments. In the top two floors are 4 luxorious appartments with gorgeous views towards Prague.

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