Kansas State Boathouse

My design is formed by two basic elements, program and site. First the program of the buliding. The main purpose of building is to create an enviroment for the women´s rowing team. Because the boats are long and thin, the buliding also becomes long and thin to mimic this shape. Since the buliding is for watching the 2000m rowing race, I placed the buliding as an extension of this race. So, the pathway of the race is the basis for the line which defines the building. As the race proceeds, viewers will see the race in its entirety.

The interior of the upper floor is well suited for viewing with a small amphitheater. The rowing tank for practice is also directed to this view, so that the racers may see the race line during practicing for motivation. The long walls which are parallel to this
view define the view of the race. Articulated long walls from exposed concrete creates a frame for both the race and the surrounding nature, primarily the water. As a connection
to the row team, the inner length of the building is 1863 inches. This length is derived from the year that Kansas State
University was established. On an almost spiritual basis, the energy from the race is supposed to terminate and flow through
the structure. To reinforce this strength of the race, I felt that concrete was a logical choice in material.

The space between building and parking is intersection of two elements. The water is represented with the direction of race which is the direction of building and the other set of lines represent the slope downwards based off of contour lines. Both elements are represented, geometrically as well as materially. Lines extending direction of a house are interrupted with spaces parallel with the the direction of contour lines. Details around the water elements are done in very similar manner as the Boathouse.

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