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Project for Digital Fabrication Seminar at K-State was done together with Andrew Stith and Andrew Helseth. Inspired by the Bauhaus, the Cloud utilizes a series of gears and chains acting together to raise and drop the paneled system. A “pin fixed gear ration” system would allow different rates of ascension thus allowing the Cloud to rise all at the same time.

A parametrically panelized system, the Cloud, acts two solve two problems. First, acoustically Pierce does not distribute sound as well as it could – with high ceilings, a dropped element could greatly increase voice projection and reflection. Secondly, glare from Pierce’s large window makes presentations with a projector difficult, the Cloud would counteract this as well. Considering Pierce’s dynamic nature, the Cloud can descend and ascend in order to maintain its original design.

Part of the presentation of this project also was creating of a physical model:

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