Urban Design Project

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SouthWest city of Prague is one of the several Prague housing developments built in 1960s. One of our concepts is to return this housing development back to its original concept, “living in nature”. We are intensifying the feel of nature surrounding these residential buildings with adding new paths and with diversifi cation of areas between these new paths with different surfaces, plants or activities. By fi nishing the development south from Jeremias street we are completing a ring of different city districts surounding this City Nature, but with a green belt through the new development we are letting this city nature to connect with the real nature outside of the compact city. Redesign of Jeremias street together with new city development and restructuralization of the “housing in nature” will lead to overall living quality improvement as well as to redefi nition of the image of this part of Prague and in the end it will raise the potential of living in this area.
This project was created as teamwork together with Barbora Havrlova.

Urban Design

Overview of proposed new city

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