House of Fairytales

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Project aims on human curiosity and passion to discover hidden layers. The process of uncovering layers is present several times. Right from the beginning is represented with the symbolic cubicgateway which leads to the universe of Hans Christian Andersen bellow the garden. The local public use of Lotze´s garden is preserved, furthermore is enhanced by the presence of exhibition rooms (pearls), which appear in the green carpet of the garden. The inner space is designed to entertain wide range of visitors. Preferably children and even experts are amazed by the game of the metaphor, symbolism and reality.

The house of fairy tales and Lotze´s garden make a complex unit, which complements the life, works and personality of Hans Christian Andersen within his birthplace. Lotze´s garden concept provides optimum conditions of use for local citizens as well as incoming tourist.


The Cube

On the west side of The Thomas B ThrigesGaderoad stands emptyglass box. It attracts visitors and serves as an entrance to the world of Hans Christian Andersen. With its transparent but reflective façade reflects the garden and makes a visual connections to the garden for people coming down the Thomas B ThrigesGaderoad from both directions.Shape and appearance is designed to remind a symbolic idea of treasure box, where everyone can find his own pearl, his own favorite story.It also arouses curiosity and creates mystic atmosphere. The visitor is encouraged to reveal the secret under the mystical Lotze´s garden and this is the main gateway to the universe of Hans Christian Andersen.


The fairy tale world consists of Andersen’s stories, each story is a pearl which can be found after visitor enter our treasure box. Pearls are organized into the network of rooms of various size and locations connected to each other with pathways. Both pathways and pearls are used to tell the story. To one pearl usually leads at least two different introduction corridors where the same story is described differently according to the age, interest or passion of the visitor. With that we are able to reveal more layers of Andersen’s stories.Following exhibition room contain main symbol of the fairy tale (piece of art, scene, view to the garden, etc.). Almost every pearl is placed uniquely to the garden terrain level. The proposed system provides open choices in terms of a natural lighting and stage design. One of the pathways also connects the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and tells the story of his life.The exhibition system entertain visitors and they are able to explore the Andersen´s world in the way they would like more than once and always in a unique way.

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The Spiral

Opposite to vibrant city around the Thomas B Thriges Gade road, there is located organic element creating center tranquil and private environment in the public garden. Nearby the Andersen´s birthplace is designed spatial relieve, contrary to intense world of fairy tales. It is two level Spiral which rises from the underground, creates an overlook towards the Lotze’s garden and then descends back. The sloping spiral also links together Andersen´s birthplace and pearls of the exposition. In the basement of the spiral are located restroomsand place for refreshment, café and snack bar.




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